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Special Notice

Pursuant to the Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation Plan announced by Governor Pritzker on November 17, 2020, all licensed Illinois casino gambling and video gaming operations of all kind are suspended until further notice effective at the conclusion of the gaming day at 11:01pm on Thursday, November 19, 2020.
Failure to comply with these mitigation efforts could subject licensees to discipline, up to and including license revocation.
The IGB will continue to enroll individuals in Self-Exclusion during Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation. Individuals seeking to enroll in Self-Exclusion need to contact the Program Director to coordinate the enrollment process at an Illinois casino. The Program Director can be reached at (312) 814-4678, (312) 814-8832 or by e-mail at

Sports Wagering 5.1 Disclosure Statements

5.1 Disclosure of Records

Pursuant to the Illinois Gambling Act, Section 5.1 (230 ILCS 10/5.1), Notwithstanding any applicable statutory provision to the contrary, the Board shall, on written request from any person, provide information furnished by an applicant or licensee concerning the applicant or licensee, his products, services or gambling enterprises and his business holdings.

Master Sports Wagering Applicants & Licensees

Organization Licensees

5.1 Disclosure of Record submissions will be posted when available.

Owners Licensees

5.1 Disclosure of Records submissions for Owners Applicants and Licensees can be found at Casino Gambling - Disclosure Statements.

Sports Facilities

5.1 Disclosure of Records submissions will be posted when available.

Online Sports Wagering Operator

5.1 Disclosure of Records submissions will be posted when available.

Supplier Applicants & Licensees

Sports InformationServices Limited Applicant (filed 02/02/2020)

Management Services Provider Applicants & Licensees

Penn Sports Interactive, LLC Applicant (filed 02/05/2020)

Tier 2 Official League Data Provider Applicants & Licensees

5.1 Disclosure of Records submissions will be posted when available.